Wedding Planning Advice – A Basic Wedding Planning Checklist


You’ll need to crunch the numbers if you want a budget-friendly wedding. Work out your wedding budget and allocate the funds accordingly. A detailed spreadsheet will help you track spending and make necessary adjustments. 

The last thing you want is to find yourself in debt, only to discover later that you spent more than you thought. Don’t panic. Honeymoons and weddings can be affordable if you know how to save. Here are some tips.

Wedding Planning

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Date and Invitations

While planning the wedding, you’ll also need to ensure you’re putting your time and energy into the last details. After all, the final decision on the wedding dress is big, so make sure to order it well in advance! Then, you’ll need to call your wedding flowers, choose your bridal party and groom’s attire, and choose the music for the ceremony. After all, your wedding day is not complete without flowers and decorations.

While your wedding date is the most critical piece of the puzzle, you’ll need to book vendors and hotels far in advance. Generally speaking, it’s best to book wedding venues at least a year ahead, which means you can secure your preferred date and venue. That way, you’ll have plenty of time to book your wedding and get the vendors you’ve been dreaming of. When planning your wedding, make sure to consider the availability of local transportation.

Choose your wedding date as early as possible, as popular venues fill up quickly on the weekends, so it’s better to pick a weekday wedding. If you’re stuck between two dates, contact all of your vendors and must-have guests to gauge their availability. If you have to ask a maid of honour to shift the date, contact the photographer ahead of time to find out their availability. Keeping this in mind, you’ll be able to eliminate unwanted wedding dates from your wedding day planning.

Wedding Planning

You can start ordering formal invitations six to twelve weeks before the wedding. They can be printed on cardstock and framed after the wedding. To pick the right invites, browse through invitation websites or go to a stationery store. Make your invitations a reflection of your style and theme. Your invitation wording is a crucial part of setting the tone for the rest of the wedding. It will also set the tone for your wedding. Choosing formal wording is an essential aspect of wedding planning.

Food and Entertainment

Instead of a traditional dessert table, consider a DIY crepe paper flower alternative. If you’re concerned about the cost, hire a graphic designer to design your program, which will be cheaper. Then, use paper straws or a disposable wine glass instead of plastic cups. Guests will still eat the food and drinks, so go easy on the alcohol. Your wedding budget is essential, but you don’t want to go broke.

After the venue, the next significant expense will be photography and videography. Other costs include attire, gifts, stationery, and entertainment. A couple should set aside at least 5% of their total budget for “just in case” costs. Once they’ve done so, they’ll have a better idea of how much they can afford to spend for each aspect of their wedding. They’ll also be able to allocate funds more evenly. Regarding flowers and decorations, most couples give about half of their budget for the reception.

You can’t imagine your wedding without music. Think about hiring a live performer or hiring a DJ. Also, list the specific songs you would like played during your wedding. You may have a first dance song or a song for the parents. You may even want your wedding music to include the processional and recessional hymns. Remember to ask your wedding professional for a list of songs they should play.

After the engagement, it’s time to begin wedding planning. If you’re a first-time bride or groom, you’ll want to spend as much time as possible enjoying your new life as newlyweds. You’ll also want to enjoy the engagement, as the days leading up to the wedding will be filled with joy and excitement. But remember, wedding planning can be overwhelming and complicated if you’re not prepared. By following these tips, you’ll have a stress-free wedding.

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