Wedding Photography Checklist: Shots You NEED To Get On Your Big Day

Wedding Photography Checklist: Shots You NEED To Get On Your Big Day

When it comes to wedding photography, there are so many different shots, styles, and compositions you can use to create unforgettable memories of your big day. However, weddings are a one-time affair, so you only have one shot at getting the perfect pictures!

Before you hire a professional wedding photographer, it’s important to have an idea of the types of pictures you want so that you don’t miss memorable moments. As the leading wedding professionals and photographers in Brisbane, the My Bridal Centre team has put together a wedding photography checklist to help. Let’s dive in!

Getting Ready

Getting ready for your big day is the perfect time for pictures – for both the bride and groom. It captures the last moments before you’re married and the love, support, and final touches given by your closest friends and family.

The bride can be captured being fussed over and preened by her ‘bride tribe’ and stylists. You could get shots of the champagne, laughs, tears, and, of course, the final zip of your gorgeous gown. For the groom, photos of your boys fixing your tie, smoking cigars and pouring whiskey will be great memories.

Don’t Forget The Details

The smallest details are what make a stunning, unforgettable wedding – so don’t forget to capture them forever! You could have artistically composed shots of the bouquet, engagement and wedding rings, wedding gown on the mannequin, suspenders, pocket squares, and wedding decor.

You could even add some life to these photos by incorporating people too. For example, imagine the beauty and sentimentalism of a black and white photo of the little flower girl staring up at your stunning gown waiting to be worn on the mannequin.

The Tears

This is the most iconic shot – the moment all brides are waiting for. Once the doors open or you round the corner, capturing your husband-to-be’s first look at his forever is invaluable. From huge smiles to streaming tears, this is an emotional moment that no one wants to forget!

The Walk

You’ve probably rehearsed ‘the walk’ countless times already, but nothing compares to actually walking down that aisle. The emotions, the turning heads, your beaming loved one giving you away – having photos of this moment years later will leave you with shivers!

The Moment

Of course, the moment you say “I do” is an essential wedding shot that can’t be missed. However, it’s also about the moments leading up to it and sealing the deal. Make sure your photographer captures the unveiling, your eyes locked on one another, and the laughs. You’ll also want shots of your guests’ reactions and teary smiles. Last and definitely not least, your first kiss as man and wife will be a photo you cherish for years to come.

Aside from iconic shots like these, you will need an experienced wedding photographer with an eye for the creative and artistic for the perfect wedding photos. The photographers at My Bridal Centre are the answer you need!

With years of experience immortalising special moments like these, we’ve got infinite ideas to tailor to your unique love story. From party portraits to candid moments, architectural accents, cake cutting, reaction shots, decorations, and beyond, you won’t miss a moment while you enjoy your big day with us.

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