Wedding Hair And Makeup Trials: What To Know And When To Book

Wedding Hair And Makeup Trials: What To Know And When To Book

With your big day on the way, it’s important to avoid making the mistake many brides make in Brisbane – leaving your wedding hair and makeup trials to the last minute! Sure, you’ve already got an idea of how you’d like to look. Maybe you’ve even got your eye on a makeup artist and hairstylist. However, you need the time to tweak, adjust, and refine your look before your big day to avoid ill-timed damage control minutes before matrimony!

So, when should you schedule your wedding hair and makeup trials? Before we dive in, let’s take a look at what you need to do before you book.

Wedding Hair And Makeup Essentials

Firstly, don’t get ahead of yourself! You do want to book your hair and makeup well in advance, but you’ll also want to have a date and venue secured first, as a lot can change in the time it takes to do so! On top of that, the season and space will impact your styling choices. Beach weddings in soaring temperatures or winter weddings in ballrooms each have vastly different needs.

You should have also chosen your wedding dress and accessories, although some late accessorising along the way won’t hurt. The style of your dress and final touches will also influence your hair and makeup. For example, if your gown is soft, subtle, and boho, you’ll want a relaxed, tousled hairstyle that compliments it – rather than a sleek, formal do. Your accessories also play a role, determining whether a down or updo and soft or dramatic makeup.

Another tip would be to opt for wedding makeup artists and hairstylist from the same company. This way, coordinating your look and trial dates won’t be so challenging.

Now that you know how to prepare, when do you book?

Wedding Makeup

Any bridal makeup artist in Brisbane worth their salt will be booked up for months, even a year, in advance. So, your first step should be choosing your artist ASAP – just make sure that they are professional bridal makeup artists, as they have an intimate understanding of the importance of the trial and style.

Once you’ve chosen your artist, you should consider scheduling two trials. Your first trial could be a month before your wedding date, with a second trial a week before to attend to any changes in your skin and final touches. In fact, avoiding any new skincare products, as well as booking a facial a few weeks before and a hydrating mask the night before, are some of our best bridal tips. This way, you can be sure your skin will show up when you need it to!

Wedding Hair

Now, things get a lot more serious when it comes to your hair – especially if any cutting or dyeing is involved. You need to be sure you have the time to adjust or grow out any changes. We recommend having your wedding hair trial a month or two before your big day. And if you’re considering any drastic changes, discussions should start around six months ahead! This will help your stylist plan your transformation and see how your hair responds.

When you’re ready to plan your look for your wedding, contact us at My Bridal Centre to book your wedding hair and makeup in Brisbane! Our artists and stylists are renowned in Brisbane as the go-to gurus for brides-to-be. We also offer packages to suit any bride and budget!

Book your wedding hair and makeup now!

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