Trouble Picking Your Bride Tribe? Here Are 6 Things To Consider

Trouble Picking Your Bride Tribe? Here Are 6 Things To Consider

Do I hear wedding bells? Or crippling anxiety? If you’re busy picking between best friends for your bride tribe, then I’m probably hearing both. Sure, preparing for your wedding and getting the final details in line is overwhelmingly exciting – but it can also just be plain overwhelming when you have to pick which of your girls get the honour of standing beside you on your big day.

Luckily, it doesn’t have to be! Our wedding planners are here for you every step of the way. After curating countless weddings without a hitch, we know exactly how to make this decision a little easier for you. Let’s take a closer look!

#1 Quality Over Quantity

First and foremost, don’t rush this decision and don’t fall for any guilt trips. This is your day, your wedding, and your memories. I’ve seen a few brides regret decisions they revolved around everyone else rather than their own happiness. Forget family friends and old mates – pick the people you’re closest with right now, those who will stick around long after your big day.

#2 Size Matters

When picking your bridal party, you’ll also need to consider the size of your guest list. As a general rule of thumb, you’ll see five bridesmaids and five groomsmen. If you’re going for a more intimate gathering, like 50-60 guests, I would recommend sticking to four maximum. However, if you’re planning an extravagant affair of 160+, why limit yourself. You could choose up to 12! It’s important to note, though, that size matters for a reason – the bigger your bridal party, the bigger the budget.

#3 Forget Reciprocation

Once again, today’s about you – not protecting your friends’ feelings. Your true friends will understand that the decision will be difficult for you and won’t determine their worth in your eyes. You can’t make everyone happy, even if they chose you for their wedding. You can, however, soften the blow:

  • Don’t say you’re closer to one of your picks – even if it’s true, it throws salt in the wound
  • Blame it on locations, family obligations, or your budget
  • Give them another responsibility, such as being in charge of the reception table for their warm, bubbly personality

#4 Express Your Expectations

This may take the decision out of your hands – phew! Some brides need their bride tribe to be hands-on and at the ready to help them prepare for their big day. Others just want them to glow up and show up. If you need a lot of help, some may not be available to do so, making it easier to choose from those who will be.

#5 Rule Out Unreliability

Once those who aren’t up for the challenge have opted out, the real deciding factor comes in. You and your wedding will inevitably need a bridal party who is reliable and responsible for helping with important planning tasks – even if you didn’t think so at the start. Things go wrong, you run out of time, it happens. You need to know that your bridal party can handle your bachelorette party, speeches, your rings, and your emotions!

#6 Don’t Restrict Yourself

All you need is to be surrounded by your favourite people. Remember, it’s your day and your way, so bend the rules. In fact, break them! Whether they’re men, women, old or young, all you need is those who’ll have your back no matter what.

Picking your bride tribe should be fun and stress-free – especially with our tips! With years of experience helping countless weddings go off without a hitch, we know all the tricks of the trade to do the same for you.

Visit our website to see the plethora of services we have on offer to make your wedding easy, comfortable, and unforgettable!

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