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For over 20 years, Travel Associates has been opening doors to the world and delivering unique and interesting travel experiences. Drawing on decades of industry experience and a genuine passion for travel, our travel advisers specially craft tailored itineraries to perfectly fit your travel style and preferences. Just imagine where our experience could take you.

About Us

Where travel is more than just a passion

Travel Associates is a boutique travel agency with a total focus on uncompromising customer service bringing together the most knowledgeable and well travelled advisers across Australia. Experience lies at the heart of everything we do.

For holidays you didn’t know you wanted

With a wealth of industry experience and extensive product knowledge, your Travel Associates team has the expertise to help you create travel experiences you never thought possible.

We will take the time to get it right

Our spacious and stylish offices are the perfect place to slow things down over a relaxed beverage and discuss your individual travel needs in a private and uninterrupted environment. We will then work with you to carefully prepare all of the arrangements.

For the love of trading travel ideas

Just like you, our advisers have a genuine passion for travel and share a common bond in seeking out authentic travel experiences and immersing themselves in the destination.



The quintessential honeymoon may be different for everyone, but there are elements that remain the same no matter where or how you choose to spend your joyful, romance-filled holiday. From the glittering lights of romantic big cities to the sparkling blue lagoons of a palm-dotted beach escape, this is one getaway that should be filled with luxury, pampering and above all, enchantment and amour! Make an appointment today with a Travel Associates adviser who can work their holiday magic and help you plan your all-important honeymoon escape.


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