Top Style Choices For Wedding Dance Lessons In Brisbane

Top Style Choices For Wedding Dance Lessons In Brisbane

Choosing a wedding dance is a very important part of your day in Brisbane, and not just because you may need wedding dance lessons. While a time to shine to some, and a time to enjoy a quiet moment for others, the first movement of a married couple is an undeniably special moment. Most couples spend a good amount of time selecting their first song, as well as movement style. Have you ever considered the style of dance you would like to perform for this very special moment? Take a look below at a few popular choices that are also usually quite simple to learn.

The Slow Dance

Many people opt for the slow option, perhaps because they are unsure or lack the confidence to waltz around the floor. This subtle, elegant way to dance ensures comfort and quality time together without anything fancy. This simple movement involves putting your right hands together and left hands placed on either the shoulder or upper back, or the waist. With side steps on counts and a few small pivots, this is an elegant way to glide around the floor as a couple and enjoy this time together. A few slow spins and twirls are always a good way to add a bit of flare.

The Classic Waltz

This style will require a bit of choreography, either by you, the couple or by a professional teacher who can prepare you for your big day. There are specific moves in a Waltz that involve a set of box steps and turning patterns that correspond to the music. Song selection will likely be drawn from light, modern ballad.

The Swing

A style that has many variations to it, swing allows you to bring some playfulness and fun to your moment. If you are looking into this option, be wary of your outfits and be sure you have the right clothes to carry out the movements in question. It is quite fast-paced with more than a few lifts, fast turns and leg kicks.

The Rumba

This Latin style is excellent for a couple looking to evoke a sensual vibe from their special moment and break free from expectations. These movements require a lot of hip work and fluidity from both partners, as well as a lot of practice. It is however much easier to learn than other Latin styles, such as salsa and mambo. With the right guidance, this is a brilliant style to surprise your friends and family with flare.

When you need to choose the right dance for your wedding day, contact us at My Bridal Centre so we can ensure you enjoy every minute of your first dance as a married couple.



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