The Top 4 Wedding Dress Trends For 2021 Every New Bride-To-Be Needs To See!

The Top 4 Wedding Dress Trends For 2021 Every New Bride-To-Be Needs To See!

2020 has been filled with twists, turns, and stunning new trends – and the same can be said for the wedding industry! This year we’ve seen brides wearing timeless trends reinvented with fresh concepts and contemporary touches that have left us speechless. The stylists and planners at My Bridal Centre have noticed several wedding dress trends we see featured in weddings in 2021 and beyond for their versatile and viral nature.

As a new bride-to-be, finding or creating a wedding dresses that’s not only uniquely you but also in line with the styles we anticipate in 2021 can be challenging. Luckily, our passion for fashion and happily-ever-afters has given us the insights you need. Let’s take a look at our favourite wedding dress trends for 2021!

#1 Short And Sweet

The first trend of 2021 sees brides marrying traditional and contemporary by donning short wedding dresses. Although moving away from tradition, a short, white dress is a breathtaking way to enjoy a sweat-free summer ceremony – and show off your hard-earned legs or gorgeous pair of shoes! And short doesn’t have to mean scandalous. Think a lace sleeved sheath dress, 60’s mod inspired, or even a baby doll style for the more relaxed bride.

#2 Contemporary Capes

Capes offer a gorgeous, modest, and contemporary take on the traditional veil. For brides looking to up the drama and elegance, a cape veil may be the answer. Cape veils are rapidly rising in popularity for leaving your face free, while effortlessly adding visual interest, coverage, and a train – just like the traditional veil. If you’re ready to channel your inner high priestess or regal princess, get a minimalist, sheer cape or even add a touch of drama with a thick, embellished one.

#3 Exaggerated Ruffles

Another contemporary twist on the traditional, in 2021 we’ll be seeing sleek, modern wedding dresses with exaggerated traditional ruffles ramping up the romance. These whimsical masterpieces add visual interest by creating a ruffled ball-gown look, while keeping it classic with sleek, sexy fitted corsets, v-necks, and sweetheart necklines. You could have a subtle, tight dress that tapers at your knees with ruffles for a mermaid styled wedding dress, or even go full ballerina and accentuate your waist with large ruffles cascading down from a simple bodice. The possibilities for creativity are endless!

#4 Pants Suit For The Progressive Bride

Let’s be honest; pants suits are tight, tailored, and simply bad*ss! These trending dress alternatives are rapidly rising in popularity in runways and weddings alike for their ability to accentuate your figure while giving ample coverage. They’re pretty, practical, and perfect for the more progressive bride looking to break from tradition in style. In 2021, we anticipate brides in full lace, flared pants, and midriff-baring v-necks.

After seeing these tantalising wedding dresses in Brisbane trends, you’re likely overcome with excitement for your 2021 ceremony – just like us at My Bridal Centre! Our stylists are feeling inspired and ready to breathe life into your dream dress.

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