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Just when you think you’ve figured it out… a way of handling it better, managing it, working around it, or getting ahead of it, it sometimes seems to be a step in-front, perhaps even keeping you awake at night.

You’ve tried. You’ve fretted. You’ve calculated. You’ve eaten better. You’ve exercised more. You’ve tried being gentler, then firmer. Louder, then quieter. More assertive, then more submissive. You feel like you’ve done everything you can think of. Then, on the worse days you may want to give-up.

The secret is to find a reason, a reason to keep on trying. Reasons are all around you, and you only need one. Grab hold of it and don’t let go. When you find that reason it will become your LIGHT at the end of the tunnel.

Valentina is one of my reasons. After a long and tiring day SHE makes me smile and those welcoming hugs lift my spirit no matter what.  SHE is also the reason this label grace our shelves.

SHE wanted to spend more time with me working on a special and meaningful project. I knew then and there that the sweet fragrances of candles would be a regular part of our lives.

Spending these precious moments with her are treasured. We talk as her little hands fold the boxes perfectly into shape, and as SHE aligns the jars and fragrances on the stands. I hear about her day at school as SHE goes about carefully prepping the wicks and keeping an eye on the temperature of the wax.

Most importantly, SHE knows that there are people less fortunate. Together we choose several wonderful women’s and children’s charities to support, because this brand is about spending time with my daughter, about decorum, creativity and giving, not the bottom line.

Of all the things I could teach her, the most important is that SHE always remembers:

LOVE is the defining ingredient for Life

We hope you sense this ingredient as you indulge yourself with our candles.


Erlinda Espinoza


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