Our Stylists’ Tips To Accessorise Your Lace Wedding Dress For Effortless Elegance

Our Stylists’ Tips To Accessorise Your Lace Wedding Dress For Effortless Elegance

Lace is the epitome of elegance, highlighting your femininity and radiating romance. This has made lace a timeless trend for wedding dresses, helping to bring out the beauty of brides across country and culture. However, its textures, details, and embellishments often elude to simple accessories being the best way to compliment your dress – but don’t restrict yourself!

There are several ways you can accessorize your lace wedding dress, and the stylists at My Bridal Centre are here to help. Here are our top styling tips for effortless elegance.

Incorporate Crystal Details To Sparkle

Crystal details will enhance the elegance of your lace wedding dress, adding a shimmer and shine that eludes to royalty. Their transparent beauty pairs perfectly with lace details, adding a luxurious sparkle that won’t outshine its delicate patterns.

You could add sporadic ‘drops’ of Swarovski crystals to your veil, incorporate them into a headpiece, or wear drop earrings (ideal for updos). You could even have them sewn into the edges of your dress for that finishing touch.

Enhance Your Dress With A Raw Edge Veil

If you’re going for a softer, less embellished look that lets your lace wedding dress shine in the spotlight, then choose a raw edge veil. Its minimalist, clean lines will help to accent your dress. By foregoing veil details and embellishments, its silhouette will complement the lace details rather than compete with them.

Add Florals For Femininity

Whether a bohemian bride or floral fanatic, floral details are a gorgeous way to accentuate your dress and the inherent femininity of lace. They add a noticeable flair to your dress by giving dimension to flat lace patterns without looking out of place. When added to lace fabric, they seem to grow from it as a natural, flowing extension. Imagine flower details hand-beaded into your veil! Or even fresh flowers and petals dripping from your hair. You could also incorporate florals into your headpiece or earrings as a statement.

If you’re looking for guidance and recommendations for styling your wedding dresses, transforming your hair and makeup, and planning your wedding, look no further than My Bridal Centre! We’re Brisbane’s leading wedding professionals for a reason – we have stylists and budgets to suit every bride, breathing life into your dream wedding without sacrificing your honeymoon.

Get in touch today to discuss your dream dress or book an appointment now!

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