Finding The Perfect Princess Wedding Dress For Your Happily-Ever-After

Finding The Perfect Princess Wedding Dress For Your Happily-Ever-After

Weddings are more than a simple ceremony to tie the knot – they’re a little girl’s fairytale of a happily-ever-after brought to life. If you were once that little girl and your big day has finally arrived, then nothing will make your wedding feel more like a fairytale than a princess wedding dress!

However, finding or creating the perfect princess wedding dress isn’t as simple as it sounds. There are four key elements that come together to create this look flawlessly. Luckily for you, our stylists are revealing their secrets! Let’s take a closer look.

#1 The Sweetheart Neckline

When it comes to princess wedding dresses, the bodice and neckline can vary based on your personal taste. However, a truly perfect princess dress deserves the romance and magic that a classic sweetheart neckline creates! It’s incredibly feminine and flattering, as it slims your waist while accentuating your bust, creating the illusion of curves for those lacking them. You could even opt for a corset styled bodice to further highlight these features.

This neckline creates a heart-like shape across your chest and is surprisingly perfect for both smaller and full-busted brides. You could go for a tighter fit to lift and show off your cleavage or a more raised neckline for a modest look. Imagine this with a gorgeous crystal necklace and tiara!

#2 A Touch Of Sparkle

The perfect princess wedding dress isn’t complete without a touch of sparkle! It will add a regal feel to your overall look and add the finishing touch for that classic princess style. You may choose to keep it soft and subtle, adding sprinkles of pearls or droplets Swarovski crystals across the bodice, veil, skirt, or waistline.

Or maybe you prefer a truly glamorous look! In this case, I would consider encrusting your bodice with crystals, beads, and the like for an embellished look and feel. This can be particularly breathtaking when leaving the rest of your wedding dress base, as it draws attention to your fitted bodice. Already found the perfect princess dress? Add some glitz with sparkling accessories, such as embellished heels, crystal drop earrings, or even floral and crystal finishes braided into your hair!

#3 The Caress Of Satin

Satin is an incredibly soft, shimmery fabric often found in truly magical princess dresses. It holds the classic A-line shape well and reflects light in an enthralling, ethereal way. As you walk down the aisle in its soft, shimmering caress, heads will turn with each step! However, be aware that some satins can be particularly heavy – and not ideal for summer celebrations. Try to look for lighter satin designs!

#4 The Statement Skirt

The perfect princess wedding dress is nothing without its distinct feature – the full, ball gown skirt! And ladies, in this case, size does matter. Although you don’t need an extravagant skirt that makes navigating doorways difficult, a full, voluptuous, sprawling skirt brings together that princess look and makes your bodice (and waist) look tiny in comparison. To achieve this look, opt for a princess dress that boasts a full tulle underskirt or hooped skirt.

Now that you know what to look for to find the perfect princess wedding gown, it’s time to find a bridal showroom in Brisbane that offers stunning variations of this gorgeous gown and options to tailor it to flatter your figure. That’s where My Bridal Centre comes in!

Enter our showroom and find yourself transported to a world of magic and matrimony! Our signature selection of cheap wedding dresses boasts a gown for every bride and budget – as well as specialist bridal stylists to help you find your perfect one.

Book your appointment now to find the perfect princess wedding dress for your happily-ever-after!

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