Diamonds Were Not Always The Go-To Stone!

Diamonds Were Not Always The Go-To Stone!

Diamonds and engagement rings Brisbane are a modern take on an age-old symbol of love and entanglement. When taking on this commitment of love and passion, there has always been an exchanging of symbol-ladened items, or a tying of a knot, that symbolises the coming together of families and souls. This tradition of exchange and tying together has been brought forward into modern times through the popularity of wedding and engagement rings.

Ancient Engagement Rings 

Engagement rings can actually be traced all the way back to Ancient Rome at which time they wore rings of ivory, flint, bone, copper and iron. Late in Pompeii, the city of decadence and wealth, many gold rings were found in the ruins. Even before the Roman’s in fact many people or tribes often tied ribbons or clothes, instead of rings, to bear the same meaning.

Another interesting tidbit is that Romans liked two engagement rings—an iron ring for at home and a gold ring for in public.

Marriage Symbol 

Pope Nicholas, I declared in 850 AD that an engagement ring represented an intent to marry.  Archives and artifacts indicate that gold was the metal of choice for betrothal rings at the time.

The first time that there is a record or proof of a diamond being used is when diamonds appeared on an engagement ring in 1477.  The Archduke Maximilian of Austria proposed to Mary of Burgundy.  The stunning ring featured long and narrow diamonds, like a narrow emerald cut, which were thoughtfully mounted in the shape of an “M.”

Diamonds’ Popularity 

Our featured Archduke did not cause a social frenzy so there was no birth of a trend of diamonds on betrothal rings.  Indeed, diamond engagement rings were just not popular. Then in 1947 a British company that had extensive diamond mining interests in South Africa, De Beers, launched an advertising campaign.

Their marketing department was clearly very talented.  They collaborated with Hollywood stars and diamonds rose exponentially in the glam stakes.  In addition, the slogan, “A diamond is forever” was born.

The Latest Trends 

Diamonds have had a very good run and safes around the world are full of them.  There are new trends starting that might turn out to be a challenge to the diamond, but it is very doubtful that these trends will oust the popularity of diamonds.

More and more brides are choosing coloured stones as well as choosing alternative materials for the rings.  Prince William presented Kate Middleton with that stunning blue sapphire engagement ring, actress Blake Lively selected a light pink oval diamond in a rose-gold setting, Katy Perry selected a unique ruby in a floral halo design and singer Ariana Grande chose a pearl and diamond bauble. All gorgeous designs and stunning rings!

Contact My Bridal Centre today to start designing your unique engagement ring and wedding rings in Brisbane.  It will be a profound and beautiful symbol of love.




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