Décor & Style

White Lace and Promises is founded based on the fundamental principal of providing exceptional customer service across all aspects of event planning. Our focus is to bring your wedding ideas to life with love and clarity, because we truly understand that to create and impact it’s not about grand gestures, but a thousand tiny acts of kindness.


About Erlinda

Erlinda is the artistic director and the heart and soul of her companies. She brings her acute sense of visual aesthetics and her passion for colour, form, and texture to every assignment. She has the uncanny ability to visualize a transformation in any room and make it happen regardless of the design challenge.  Her love for all things pretty, flowers and styling with luxury crystal products are the driving force behind her successful businesses within the creative industry.

She believes in breathtaking and unforgettable décor, in the glitz and glam and the unmatched luxury that only White lace and Promises and Crystalabra has to offer.

One of her proudest moments has been to work beside world famous stylist KAREN TRAN in the KT Gala Night at Hillstone St Lucia, where our stunning crystal candelabras added the finishing luxurious touch to the tables and were admired by all who attended. This event has raised the bar of wedding styling in Brisbane.

Erlinda was born and raised in the beautiful Islands of the Caribbean, so not only is she an extraordinary stylist, she also has the fun, loving and sweet personality to match. Around her you will always feel safe and confident that your big day is in the best possible hands!

“My brands are like my kids, a representation of me and everything I stand for”