Samoan Wedding Traditions

Samoan Wedding

A Samoan wedding is an opulent event, involving several hundred guests. The centrepiece of the feast is a massive expense, which is divided into layers and cut horizontally across the table. The guests are served slices of the cake, and the remaining layers are kept whole and presented to special guests, who would normally be people of high social standing in the community. The best man must deliver a speech to the seated guests, during which he gives blessings to the couple.

The wedding is a celebration that involves both the bride and the groom’s families. Since the bride is Samoan, cultural additions were made to the wedding. Traditional Samoan dances were performed during the reception and the bride’s family provided food that honours her heritage. The guests were also given hibiscus-shaped cookies as wedding favours. The Samoan wedding ceremony is a culturally rich affair, but the traditions behind it are unique and fascinating.

The Samoan wedding ceremony includes dance performances, which are usually performed by family members or hired performers. During the feast, the bride performs the Hulu dance to her new husband, as a symbol of her love for her husband. A Samoan wedding requires that the couple applies for a marriage license at least 10 days before the ceremony. It is best to apply in person, but you can also apply by email or fax.

In the Samoan culture, brides wear the wedding dress of the groom’s family, which is a symbol of respect for the bridegroom’s family. Some brides borrow a dress from their sister or mother and change it after the ceremony. The bride wears a traditional Samoan wedding gown, which often has a floral aspect. It is also customary for guests to wear traditional Samoan dresses.

Samoan Wedding

Samoan families understand the value of bonding, so they usually share the costs of a wedding with each other. This can be expensive, but the ceremony is well worth it if you have the means and the inclination to participate. It is usually a faith-based ceremony and is held at a local church or in a park or even outside. The ceremony itself lasts about an hour. And as with any Samoan wedding, the ceremony is a beautiful occasion.

The Samoan culture has a long tradition of honouring storytelling. The bride and groom must appoint a family member as the orator chief so that their children can hear the traditional Samoan stories at the wedding. As an aside, the bride and groom’s families must wait for several days before they can travel home to celebrate the marriage. So, why not consider a Samoan wedding? And who better to share your day with than the people you love?

Samoan weddings are lavish affairs, with a bride and groom that have twenty to thirty bridesmaids and are surrounded by friends and family. A feast reminiscent of Samoan cuisine is served at the reception. This delicious feast is prepared in an underground oven called an umu. It includes pork, roast chicken, chop suey, and salads. And, the wedding feast is expensive, so expect to invite many people.

The wedding celebration is centred on family, food, and live entertainment. The real-life bride, Ellie, wears a beautiful lace Pronovias gown for the church ceremony and then changes into a patterned Laeidress for the marquee reception. The groom, Josh, wears a traditional Samoan lavalava outfit and joins his groomsmen to welcome his new bride into the family. The whole event is captured beautifully by White Stag Wedding Photography.

A Samoan wedding is one of the most romantic places on earth for a honeymoon. You will have the opportunity to stay in a luxurious villa, enjoy private beach time, and take romantic tropical dives. The possibilities for a Samoan wedding are endless. It is a great way to spend the first few days together and tuck into the romance. And, you can’t go wrong with a romantic Samoan wedding!

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