4 Of The Top Indian Wedding Décor Trends 2020 Has To Offer!

<H1> 4 Of The Top Indian Wedding Décor Trends 2020 Has To Offer!</H1>

Do I hear wedding bells ringing and Shehnais singing?

Whether you want a big Indian wedding or a more intimate celebration, 2020 has brought us some inspiring Indian wedding trends, offering a fresh take on timeless traditions.

Couples are changing things up with modern concepts and customisations to express their unique journey to matrimony.

To help you make your wedding uniquely yours, yet still in fashion, here are four of 2020’s coolest Indian wedding decor trends.

#1 Getting Creative With Customisation

This year we’ve seen wow-worthy customised hand-drawn illustrations transform wedding invitations and decorations.

Add your personal touch to menus with professional, hand-drawn embellishments. For example, you could add delicate gold patterns from your Mehndi ceremony!

Incorporate subtle, yet tasteful florals and foliage into your place cards.

Think delicious monstera deliciosa, ferns, and succulents. For a more refined look, use soft pastels and monochromatic water colours.

#2 Breaking Bread And Tradition

Many Aussie couples have moved away from tradition and towards more modern elements like fantastic food arrangements and bespoke bars to add style and decoration!

We’ve seen weddings sporting carefully designed and put together harvest tables and feasts overflowing with colourful seasonal food.

Depending on your choice of cuisine, you can use it to accentuate your chosen theme or ambience. You could spice things up with tiered platters, hanging grapes, and regal edible flowers!

Or, you could shake things up with a bar that expresses your tastes and style. Big on bourbon? Add something different with a selection of luxurious cigars. A gin girl? Offer bursts of colour with an array of fruits, spices, and herbs.

#3 Stunning Sustainability

We’ve seen weddings turn sustainability into style across Australia this year!

Rather than more traditional confetti or other un-recyclable decorations, you could incorporate natural elements and organic fabrics.

Some lucky couples have tied the knot surrounded by nature. We’ve seen raw, natural wood arbours adorned with vines and flowers.

You could walk side-by-side with your partner down an aisle lit by ornate lanterns while your guests shower you with petals.

#4 From Flowers To Foliage

This year’s newly-weds have left us in awe, foregoing traditional flowers for unique, fresh foliage installations.

Wheat and pampas grass have been a popular choice, offering soft and wispy feels to amp up the boho-esque, romantic atmosphere.

You could use wheat and ferns for subtle softness or add texture and colour with bright bottlebrushes!

With our specialist wedding planners and stylists, we’ll help you bring your dream wedding to life. You’ll enjoy an unforgettable celebration that captures your unique love story.

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