4 Muslim Wedding Dress Tips For The Newly Converted Bride-To-Be

<H1>4 Muslim Wedding Dress Tips For The Newly Converted Bride-To-Be</H1>

Converting to Islam from the religion you’ve known since birth can be a lot to take in, especially with a wedding on the way! There are so many unfamiliar cultural, traditional, and religious customs to understand and emanate, with little time left to do so while planning your dream Muslim wedding. This will all come naturally as you live as a modern, married Muslim woman and learn from your welcoming new family members.

What you should be worrying about are your wedding dress and accessories! Muslim weddings are a sight to behold; every corner is embellished with gold, traditional feasts are always on offer, and everyone dresses to impress with traditional customs in mind – and you should too. Luckily, we’re here to help you stand out as a breathtakingly modern yet modest Muslim bride with these four tips.

#1 Modesty Is A Priority

Choose or create a wedding dress that exemplifies modesty, respectfulness, and femininity. Most importantly, your wedding dress should be long and only expose your hands and face. No bare necklines or backs, no problem! In fact, more often than not, traditional Muslim wedding dresses are complemented with a matching hijab, or headscarf, to further protect your modesty.

The best part? Muslim wedding dresses are often a rich crimson extensively embellished with gold details, jewels, intricate zari embroidery, delicate laced necklines and sleeves, and more! No dress will make you look and feel more like a princess. However, don’t feel restricted by these timeless traditions! Modern Muslim brides have highlighted their individuality with muted colours, subtle elegance, and soft details too.

#2 Go Green

A particularly popular colour choice for Muslim wedding dresses is a deep, emerald green. Not only does green emulate a regal look fit for Islamic monarchy, but it also holds historical and cultural significance.

Supposedly, it was the favourite colour of the Islamic prophet, Mohammed, who wore a green cloak and turban. In fact, a passage from the Quran describes paradise as a place where people “will wear green garments of fine silk.”

#3 Know Your Nose Rings

Apart from modest, laced necklines and matching hijabs, Muslim brides are also adorned with a lavish nose ring on the right side of her face. This nose ring holds incredible significance as it evolves with you as you transition from bride-to-be to wife. Once you are married, this elaborate nose ring is replaced with a modest, subtle nose pin. It signifies your status as a married Muslim woman.

#4 A Crown Fit For A Princess

Moving from nose rings to jhoomars, Muslim brides truly are embellished with breathtaking accessories to highlight their already dazzling shine! As it’s somewhat compulsory, you’ll likely be decorated with a jhoomar, otherwise known as a pasa, which resembles something of an Islamic ‘crown’ – but better! This fan-like piece of jewelry will be attached to your hair with a large, gorgeous jeweled piece resting on your forehead. You will often have intricately beaded pieces hanging from the left side of your face over your hair.

Although these tips are hugely helpful, you likely still have many unanswered questions about creating the perfect Muslim wedding and a dress worthy of the occasion. That’s where Brisbane’s cultural wedding specialist, My Bridal Centre, comes in! Call our experts today to discuss your unique needs as a newly converted bride-to-be!

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