Which 3 Creative Ideas To Inspire Your Oriental Asian Wedding

<H1> Which 3 Creative Ideas To Inspire Your Oriental Asian Wedding </H1>

Getting married so far from home or heritage can be incredibly challenging. Planning your oriental Asian weddings here, on the other hand, is even harder! Most Brisbane wedding planners and professionals don’t have much experience curating cultural ceremonies, making it difficult to get ideas that aren’t Western-Christian.

That’s where My Bridal Centre’s cultural wedding specialists come in! Our mission is to bring home and heritage to you. That’s why we’ve put together three creative ideas to inspire your oriental Asian wedding. Whether your dream wedding is traditional or a modern-mix, these should help get your creative juices flowing!

#1 Get Creative With Catering

The creative potential of food and drinks are limitless, especially when traditional oriental Asian foods are thrown into the mix. Give your guests a taste of your culture with green tea or cucumber and wasabi martinis. For the beer lovers, you could ask your wedding planner to source Japanese Kirin beers or South Korean Hite Pale lagers. Just don’t forget your sober-cobras! Rather than standard soft drinks, spice things us with mango sodas or punches.

And when it comes to food – go wild! Dim sums, tempuras, ramen, kimchi, and the like are crowd-favourites across the globe. Have appetisers served in ‘chirirenge’ spoons or miniature takeout boxes with chopsticks. For dessert, you could use edible spoons instead. In fact, why not hire a traditional chef for live food demonstrations!

#2 Unforgettable Wedding Favours

Again, the possibilities are truly endless! However, if you want your oriental Asian wedding to stand out from the rest, here are some unique ideas. You could give out Chinese fortune cookies with personalised fortunes for each guest. Better yet, why not get gold, glass, or brass fortune cookies made that double-up as containers!

Or, you could gift scented candles with traditional oriental fragrances. Maybe you’d like to get personalised chopsticks made for each guest with their names (or yours) engraved in gold. Whatever you choose, don’t forget the container they come in! You could hide your favours in reusable bamboo steamers or intricate origami gift boxes.

#3 Oriental-Style Backdrops

Don’t settle for standard props and backgrounds for your photos. If you’re hiring a wedding photographer, chat to your wedding planners about creating a unique, oriental-themed backdrop or even a floor-to-ceiling flower wall! You could even have a cherry blossom tree made and put a bench underneath with pink accented lighting.

If you’d prefer a photo booth, then go all out with props! Hire stylish kimonos, embellished oil-paper umbrellas, hanging origami butterflies that symbolise a happy marriage, and more! Now that you’re feeling inspired, get in touch with the culturally-sensitive wedding professionals at My Bridal Centre.

We have extensive experience planning, styling, and executing oriental Asian weddings in Brisbane and surrounds. Whether you’d prefer a traditional Asian wedding or a fusion between timeless traditions and fresh trends, we will honour your heritage with style! Book an appointment today to discuss your needs, from jewellery to videography and beyond.


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