Wedding Guide: How to say YES to the dress!


The purpose of this article is to help our brides choose the most flattering styles for their body shape.
busty, hippy, skinny, curvy, broad, or slight – you are beautiful just the way you are x.

Step 1: What Body Shape Am I?

What body shape am I?

What body shape am I?

Ask a friend to help measure the broadest part of your shoulder, hips, bust and the slimmest section of your waist.

Use the infographics below to help determine which of the 5 most common body shapes you identify with.

body shape pear shape inverted triangle shape

Body Shapes: Square, Athletic Shape and Apple/ Round Shape

Body Shape: Hourglass Figure

Step 2: What Flatters Me Most?

The Pear Shape:

As your shoulders are typically narrower than your wider hips and curvy thighs accompanied by a petite waistline, you should embrace your slim upper body.
Sleeve details or bare shoulders can create the illusion of slightly wider shoulder-symmetry which balances out your wider hips.

Flattering dress styles for the pear body shape include the A-line and Empire Cut that skim your wider hips and thighs.

The Inverted Triangle Shape:

Typically, your shoulders and bust are broader than your hips. You tend to carry most of your weight in your upper body and retain slim legs.
The most important part of the outfit to get right would be the cut of your top. To create balance and give the impression of a wider lower body to match the shoulders V-necks, low round, crossover, cowl, square neck really flatter the upper body.

Flattering dress styles for the inverted triangle include the Mermaid or the Ball Gown.

The Square Shape:

Typically, your shoulders and bust are of the same or similar width to your hips. You have a thicker waist than the pear shape with a flat tummy. Your medium bust is complimented by your slender legs and arms. You should definitely embrace your lean limbs. Dress styles that can be wrapped, tied or pulled in can create the illusion of a slighter waistline.
Any styles that promote wider shoulder lines will also elude to a slighter appearance in your waistline.

Similar to the pear shape, styles that flatter and create instant shaping include the A-line and the Empire Cut. 

The Apple Shape:

Typically, your shoulders are broad, your bust is shapely, you have a rounded tummy with slim hips and thighs. You should definitely embrace those lean limbs!
Open necklines help draw the eye to your face. Choose styles that don’t cling to your mid-section and rather streamline your body.

Flattering dress styles include A-line and the Ball Gown Cut.

The Hourglass Shape:

Typically, you have a curvy bust and hips, with a narrow waist. You have a medium sized width of shoulders with slim and shapely thighs. Your slim and slender waist is something to show off!
Avoid garments that bulk up your waist, and aim for styles that promote the curvier parts of your body. Simple silhouettes help streamline your figure if you have a larger bust.

Flattering dress styles include the Mermaid, Ball Gown, and the Sheath Cut. 

Now that you have ascertained what dress style suits your body shape – get the ball rolling!
Ultimately, you want to pick a wedding dress that you feel stunning.
And don’t be afraid to play around with different fabrics and slightly different shapes, and go with what feels right!


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