Wedding Guide: Colour Palette of 2018


Colour pantone of the year 2018

Colour Pantone of the year 2018


The 2018 colour of the year has been revealed.

Understanding Pantone

The Pantone movement is one that is fascinated with colour and its ability to convey deeper meanings and undercurrent messages.

Designers and stylists use colour to inspire and influence their work and the world around them.

Have you noticed a purple trend hit the scene this year?

Hues of mauve, lavender and plum are truly dominating, with eggplant being a big favourite.

Stunning, bold and in your face purple palettes have made their way into a few of the luxury weddings that we have had the pleasure of delivering.

hilltop st lucia wedding of Pantone purple

The Pantone of the year is a refreshing change to the blush pinks, white and greens of 2017, adding depth and evoking a feeling of mystery.

Purple symbolism

Shades of purple have been aligned with thoughts of mindfulness practices, counterculture, signals of unconventionality, individuality and artistic brilliance through self-expression.

The enigmatic individual who isn’t afraid of leaving her unique mark on the world, and push boundaries through creative outlets.


Enjoy some purple inspiration curtesy of White Lace & Promises

Colours can be used to convey moods and feelings across with non-verbal prompts  caused by varying shades and tones

Photo Cred: Qualis Photography

Inspo from White Lace & Promises

White Lace & Promises Decor Pantone Wedding

White Lace & Promises Decor Pantone Wedding






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