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Well Power Solutions by Ellen


What better gift to give the one you love than a healthier version of you!

It is such a forever changing and evolving industry but the bottom line is, eating well, exercising and making sure you fill the nutritional gap your body needs will help you achieve better health.  Well Power Solutions is focused on helping you achieve your goals, however big or small they may be.

Hi, I’m Ellen Lucas from Well Power Solutions Bridal.

My journey with health really started when I had personal health challenges that lead me down a path of researching and discovering ways in which I could take control of my own health and achieve optimal wellness.  After many years of personal experience with this program, I’m passionate about helping brides (and grooms!) look and feel their best for their wedding day.  Having been married myself in late 2016, I understand that feeling great is just as important as looking fabulous, so that couples can kick start their life together in the best way possible.

I look forward to meeting you, understanding your health goals and helping you to achieve them!  I will guide you through our clinically proven program over 45-days that you can repeat as often as needed to achieve your goals, and will educate you for life.  No fad diets, shakes or magic potions here, ours is a comprehensive and results oriented program available affordably for you.

We start by preparing your body for fast and safe weight loss, a phase focused on shrinking your fat cells and reminding your body how to burn fat.  From there I’ll guide you through how to recalibrate your metabolism and help you understand how to stay healthy and at your goal weight with a lifetime maintenance strategy.

You will be surprised how quickly you’ll look and feel better, in addition to just weight loss.  You will have an abundance of energy through a leaner body, reduced stress levels and a more balanced blood sugar level.  Most importantly, a new way of thinking about health and weight loss through a simple and accessible program.


We are working with people just like you to not only be the best you can be on your big day, but also have a healthier future for the long term.




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