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Aerial Pyro-Tech are leaders in the field of pyrotechnics. We have been creating magic for many years and entertaining people of all ages with stunning and awe inspiring pyrotechnic celebrations all over Queensland. We have that creative flair, that ‘zing’ to create and deliver the best pyrotechnic effects, colours and style that money can buy. It can be choreographed to your choice of music or a full stand-alone celebration that delivers every time. With everything we do, it is done with passion, with style, with grace; we bring out the child within to sing and dance and be spellbound. Enthralling the audiences is our specialty, and leaving them wanting more a pleasure.

Our commitment to providing a powerful masterpiece is what we strive to achieve. Sourcing the very best fireworks from around the world, new styles and techniques that fit our values and safety, are incorporated into our organisation. Using only the very best and latest software and firing systems, it allows us to deliver a display in a way you have never seen before. This ‘state of the art’ equipment keeps us on the cutting edge; creating memories, delivering magic.

Aerial Pyro-Tech owner Scott Lording, is Brisbane based and specialises in designing and producing totally unique fireworks displays and special effects. Fireworks are now an integral part of many outdoor shows from simple garden weddings to spectacular international musical concerts with tens of thousands in the audience.

Marketing teams rely on fireworks to create pizzazz for product launches, whilst political parties serve up great fireworks displays to the party faithful as a way to thank them and invigorate their enthusiasm.

The bright ‘bang’ is still exciting to the average human and fireworks tie so many emotions and feelings together they solidify memory with a positive event. Essentially, many things that reinforce a great experience can be tied to fireworks- sight, sound, smell and emotions.

Aerial Pyro-Tech are leaders in Brisbane Fireworks Spectaculars, so contact us for advice on everything to do with fireworks-

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