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Our Lash artist Selina Matic aims to give clients the best and highest quality Lash extensions they’ve dreamed of having, at an affordable price. Beautilash Specialises in silk and mink Russian volume lash extension, Grafting each individual lash extension to your natural individual lash. We have 100% cruelty free lashes  and there is absolutely no testing on animals!

Brisbane’s ultimate location for the best Russian volume lash extensions, each individual person deserves the same care and respect as anywhere else.

Experience the new deluxe experience at our new location in Holland Park West inside My Bridal Centre, have more fun and become more relaxed with the new personalised boutique!

Extended hours are available and the very popular online booking system to make your life easier with a quick click of a button. Enjoy our new loyalty programs along with the many companies working side by side in My Bridal Centre.

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