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Sell Your Wedding Dress With Us

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sell your preloved, second hand wedding dresses

Sell your second hand, pre-loved wedding dress with MBC



The Brides of Yesterday – Brisbane | Sunny Coast | Gold Coast


We want your pre-loved wedding dress!


The MBC Team has heard your cries ladies, and we have decided to finally do something about it!

A financial opportunity for the brides of the past and a space for their pre-loved wedding dresses to shine under the spotlight once more…

You were the belle of your ball. Your dress was the magic that sealed the deal on the day. You worked hard for a long time. You saved up and spent a hefty chunk of dosh on your wedding gown. Since your wedding day, life has happened.

still paying off a big wedding bill?

looking to put down a deposit on something important in your life?

Need some extra cash right now.?

And all the while, that magnificent wedding dress is packed away deep in your closet, as it has paid its dues… Or has it?

Lady, liberate yourself! Dig out your frock and bring it into My Bridal Centre where we can help you sell it.


What do I need to do?

Register your interest to sell your pre-loved wedding dress.

Email us the following:

  1. Your name + contact number

  2. A full picture of your pre-loved wedding dress (on the hangar or from a wedding photo)

  3. The price you paid for it

  4. The price you are hoping to get

We will contact you with further details.



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Team MBC