Are you a ready-to-wear Bride or a Couture Bride?

Wedding dress craftsman George Wu Couture Atalier working his magic on yett another dreamy couture gown

Wedding dress craftsman George Wu Couture Atelier working his magic on yett another dreamy couture gown


One can easily argue that the wedding gown is one of the major focal points in any wedding. Are you a ready-to-wear bride or a couture bride? Both are beautiful and remain true to the euphoria you will feel on your wedding day, however, they do offer different wedding journies. A simple article to help a gal figure out what she wants out of her wedding gown…


What’s the difference ready-to-wear vs. couture wedding gown?


– Price Tag

OK, straight up one of the larger variances you will notice will inevitably be the price tag. The volume of meticulous hand-crafted work that goes into a couture gown is immense. Where your standard ready-to-wear, off-the-rack wedding dress can cost between a few hundred dollars up to $4,000, you can expect to pay onwards of $5,000 for your individual couture gown – entry level.

– Fit

While ready-to-wear dresses are pretty, they are not designed with you in mind. There is nothing quite like having a garment that is tailor-made to flatter your figure and enhance your shape. Passionate couture designers remain true to their artistry by unleashing their magic onto the fabric, helping accentuate and showcase your assets as well as softening where necessary through their knowledge of fabric. It takes a little bit of education to understand how fabric can support, alter and enhance your body shape through the use of proper bust support and steel boning

– Process

A truly special journey, the aim is to make you feel and look your best. It is an INCREDIBLE experience for you to work with your designer from the birth of the visual conception till the very last fitting. Choose someone you trust, that listens to your ideas – incorporating them into the final design. They take in to account your personality and vision, adding their artistic flair into the mix.

– Time

As each couture gown is unique in style and design, there is no knowing the exact number of hours needed for assembly time. Six months out from your wedding day is the recommended time allowance needed to breathe life into your couture gown.


This is definitely a special way to celebrate yourself and make a statement on your wedding day. Achieve a heightened sense of self-confidence by having your timeless wedding dress made for YOU. For more information, read up about our top choice couture designer George Wu.

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