Congratulations ABIA Finalists!

My Bridal Centre is very proud to be associated with some of the very best wedding industry brands in Australia.


This month we congratulate not one but six of our exclusive members for being honoured as finalists in their categories for the Australian Bridal Industry Academy Awards.

We can’t wait to see the results later this month

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Co.Couture Chocolates

Good Luck Everyone!

My Bridal Centre

Introducing Nadz and Sabs

Designer label Nadz & Sabs officially launches their store at My Bridal Centre NadsNSabs


Nadz & Sabs officially opened their first retail showroom at My Bridal Centre on Tuesday 2 May 2017.

Director Sabrina Rashid announced that the boutique will stock wedding fashion needs for bridesmaids, mother-of-the-bride/groom, flower girls and wedding guests as well as resort styles for honeymoons.

“We hope to make bridal party shopping easy and fun and provide a variety of evening and cocktail wear with ready-to-wear stock in store as well as affordable custom design-and-tailoring options based on samples,” Ms Rashid said.

“Since weddings are special times for bonding with family and friends, the label is planning to host little tea parties to make shopping a social event for brides and their families.

“We are delighted to be located inside the beautifully decorated My Bridal Centre, which brings together more than 40 wedding vendors and provides a one-stop-shop for brides.”


The event was a huge success with some amazing fashion on the runway.

Designer Nadia Khan said the label was founded on the vision to make red carpet fashion more affordable.

“Red carpet designer styles, hand-embellished with intricate beading and embroidery, can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Our aim is to provide quality garments with intricate work, but without the crazy price tags,” Ms Khan said.

“The showroom will include styles from our Phoenix Collection, presented at the New York Fashion Week and Australian Bridal Fashion Week, but a lot of new styles were designed specifically for the store.


“Our plus size evening wear collection, which will be launched later in the year, offers styles in sizes 6-26. These styles are perfect for curves and make stylish wedding wear.

“Many of our garments are individually hand crafted by couturiers and one style can take up weeks and weeks of beading and detailed work by hand.

“It’s a special feeling to know one’s outfit was created with the human hand and the creator’s spirit touched every single hand-sewn bead.”

The label’s Shades of Australia Collection, launched at the Sunshine Coast Fashion Festival, is ideal for honeymoons and provide colourful and comfortable styles to brides.

The label was founded in 2013 by two friends. The duo met socially and developed a great friendship. Their passion for beautiful clothing and shared vision to introduce more embellishments in mainstream fashion gave birth to this enterprise.

Visit their flagship store at 934 Logan Road, Holland Park West, QLD or website


Venue: My Bridal Centre
Images from Qualis Photography
Hair and Make Up by Bella Brides
Head Pieces and Bouquets from Bejewelled Bridal

White Wedding Doves

The White Wings Difference

16730324_494022930792204_2554731640050241480_nWhen asked, “What makes your white dove release business different to the others?” I’m often lost for words. This could be due to my newness to the industry or how the question is posed.

It’s not until I have begun building relationships with other dove release businesses, and having conversations with the owners, of their failures and successes. That I have begun to realise and appreciate my position in this industry. As this service industry is a small boutique market, one needs to delve into it to learn what makes them unique.

The six points of difference that I’ve written about are –

  • Stock
  • Written and Spoken Word
  • Music
  • Décor
  • Fun
  • Ambitious Creativity

Jennifer Oliphant Photographer_046 resized for webThe first focus is on the stock. I know that sounds like a boring subject, but this is not inanimate material that sits on shelves or website shopping windows. That can be left unattended for months and years.  Our stock is living, breathing, performing.  Some Dove Release businesses have birds (stock) that are developed with bloodline characteristics of being small enough in size to handle easily, and have enough stamina to fly short distances that are easily drivable for the dove releaser. Our initial first couple of birds (stock) were bred from pure white racing pigeon bloodlines. With new younger pure white racing pigeon bloodlines added later, in our breeding program. When trained for it these birds are capable of, covering much greater distances, and have the speed and strength to out fly and out manoeuvre attacks from falcons, hawks and other raptors. This means more of our birds make it home safely.


WWDS-Fantail-Display-cage-and-stand-mirror-softenedThe second focus is on adding the written and spoken word with the White Dove Release Ceremony.  A Dove poem reading is suggested to clients to inform guests of the reason, symbolism and relevance the doves have to the occasion or event. Some Dove Release businesses will insist on the releaser using their standard poem and being the speaker. This is professional, but some clients desire to have a degree of choice in this matter. We are flexible and creative with the reading, we encourage people to make it personal and offer help with the creative writing, by offering an E-Book of relevant poems to help them on their way in expressing their sentiments.

The third focus is on Music for the White Dove Release. I’m not aware of any dove releasers in Australia incorporating music into the White Dove Release Ceremony.  We suggest choosing a soundtrack to compliment the occasion, as it makes the release a little bit more grandeur.

Grace Lutheran College Caboolture Campus provide graduating students and families a finale out on the college oval (sports field). We display 2 white release doves in an ornamental cage, with 10 white release doves in a release display case, decorated with the school colours. A PA system is set up for the pastoral leader to share the symbolic dove and college release reading, with their own selected soundtrack of Que Sera by Justice Crew cued on the mobile speaker. The school captains hold a white release dove each as the poem is read out to the students, with a third student available to release the flock of 10 birds. When all goes according to plan, at the end of the speech, the music begins and the school captains release their birds, these 2 doves act as the leaders circling quickly, then the flock of 10 birds are released, the flock begin rising up as a group and collect the leaders in the air, the students and families are surprised, awed and amazed at the event taking place in the sky before them which also reflects the relationships that have been formed amongst the students at the college and into their bright unknown futures. The music feature of a White Dove Release can come together with the various persons involved in the event. Clients, families, official persons and our business can provide, soundtracks, mobile devices and or speakers to air the music at an event.


15094300_450508661810298_5042430918807001780_nThe fourth focus is décor for the ornamental white dove display. This part of the service varies greatly amongst the service providers in the industry. Varying from no decorating, to the decorations taking centre stage for visual attention, and the amount of space it takes up. We observe the local culture and the fashion trend at the time. Our styling leans more towards conservative, and through our consultation process we offer to match your colour theme.

The fifth focus is Fun for a celebratory White Dove Release.  We can provide a small battery powered bubble machine. Bubbles are fun for children and keeps them entertained. Bubbles have the power to make grown adults smile if they are not already at a happy event. The bubbles give a lightness and magical look and feel to a wedding ceremony as the bride walks down the aisle.

The sixth focus is ambitious creativity in the delivery of our White Dove Release.  We appreciate clients’ unique ideas and are willing to invest the time and effort to accomplish those goals.

  • Such as the doves flying out of a limousine for a grand red carpet entrance.
  • Or a flock release from behind the bridal couple, with the doves flying around the couple and over the guests.
  • Another idea was a studio photoshoot for a fundraising promotion campaign.
  • A Dove release on a boat off the coast for the scattering of ashes.

Blair & Jasmine Maleny 13thOct2016

Visit for more information and bookings

White Wings Dove Service is a proud member of My Bridal Centre.

Keeping the Top Tier – It’s a Tradition!

Wedding Cake
The wedding cake is a beautiful centrepiece in most weddings, but for many couples it’s much more than that. There’s a time-honoured tradition that involves carefully saving the top layer to share after the first stage of married life is over, during the firstborn’s christening or on the first year anniversary.

Where did this custom come from?

To understand that, let’s look first at where wedding cakes come from. That deliciously sweet, beautifully white tower presiding over your wedding table had its origin in a much humbler food: simple breads made of wheat, water, and salt and served at Roman weddings. The common factor between our cakes today and Roman wedding breads is in the chief ingredient: wheat. Wheat is an ancient symbol of fertility and the wedding bread was considered to carry the blessing both of a fertile womb and fertile fields.

In England, the wedding cake also began with simple food. The centrepiece for the wedding was a huge stack of rolls or sweetbread piled high. The bride and groom would be stood up with the stack of rolls between them and attempt to kiss over the bread. If they succeeded without any disaster to the tower, they were promised a happy marriage and many children.
Children were very important to our forefathers and mothers; they were seen as a blessing and as a direct result of a happy marriage.

“…an ancient symbol of fertility…”

Over the years, the stack of rolls morphed into a special wedding cake, often made of rich fruit-bread as fruit was also considered a symbol of fertility. Wedding fruitcakes were originally simple one layer affairs, and may not have been frosted. Sugar was expensive, and having a cake at all was a great luxury.

Wedding cake saved past the date was considered a magical thing. To a guest, a piece of wedding cake was considered to bring abundance and joyful marriage, and a small morsel was often put under the pillow of a young, unmarried person to enable him or her to dream of ‘the One’ . When saved by the bride, a slice of wedding cake became a talisman of good luck to the newly wedded pair, (a well-preserved piece – no crumbling!), being considered by some as a symbol of the husband’s fidelity.
In the eighteenth century the trade routes widened, sugar became more available, and cakes became bigger. Two special cakes figured in old time cookbooks: the wedding cake and the christening cake. During the nineteenth century both of these cakes became more and more elaborate.

“…a small morsel was often put under the pillow of a young, unmarried person…”

When Queen Victoria had a tiered cake for her wedding in 1840, many regular people wanted one too – but how to justify the expense? One way was to spread the expense out between the two major celebrations. With a three-tiered cake, one could use the bottom layer to serve guests at the wedding reception, the second layer to give away, and the top layer could be saved and served at the first baby’s christening. It gave many an economical bride an excuse to justify a slight splurge for this special day.
It is here we find the origin of saving the top tier for a christening – a way of blessing the christening from the sanction of the wedding day, and of blessing the wedding with the miracle of the christening that is to come.

In recent years the average time between the wedding and the advent of a first baby has increased. As the concept of birth and the wedding becomes more separated, saving the top tier for a christening is becoming more impractical and, in many cases, it is instead saved as a special treat for the first anniversary. It’s the same tradition, but with a different twist.

Written by: Hannah Mosher
Edited by: Caitlin Mitchell

Travel In Style

Somerton Limousines

Somerton Limousines already have access to the largest and most reliable fleet of Rolls-Royce cars in Queensland, but more importantly, they have a reputation for extraordinary service.

They have more than 60 Five Star reviews and comments on Facebook   

Somerton Limousines Classic Wedding Car

Compare that to any other Wedding Car company to see what we mean!

They are very happy to help co-ordinate all the cars you may need for your Wedding.

As well as their fleet of classic Rolls-Royce vehicles, and their new Excalibur (see below!), they are able to source some other amazing cars, and they can get you standard Limousines and Stretch vehicles.

Excalibur Classic Wedding Car

This stunning Excalibur is creating lots of excitement and Somerton Limousines would love help finding a name for this gorgeous creature photographed by one of our chauffeurs at Northshore Harbour.

What are your thoughts? We’d love to hear your suggestions. With the rich factual and mythical story of King Arthur, his sword the Excalibur, his wife Guinevere, The Knights of the Round Table and all that extraordinary wealth of medieval history, we have lots of ideas bubbling away, but we’d love your input.

Looking forward to a brainstorm fever! Contact us on 0438 881 505 or via email

Somerton Limousines Classic Wedding Car

Two of the greatest moments in your life happen during a wedding – when you travel for the last time as a single woman to the ceremony, and when you first travel together as husband and wife.

When you sink down into those wonderfully supple leather seats, and have our Chauffeurs looking after you, you can breathe easy and enjoy those wonderful moments in your life.


Eye-catching Luxury Cars

Someton Limousines Classic Wedding CarsWe’re delighted to offer our elegant cars to young adults who plan to step out in royal style at their school formal.

With a professional, caring chauffeur, absolute luxury, and an elegance that is timeless, we can help you feel like a star with your grand entrance.


Tour In Style

Somerton Limousines Formal CarSomerton Limousines is proud to provide the ultimate in relaxation and escape so that you can enjoy the finer things in life.

Take a tour of local vineyards, or a scenic drive through lush countryside – feel that thick Rolls-Royce quality carpet beneath your feet, smell that Connolly leather…



Experience Somerton Limousines, and find out why our Brides and their families talk about us.

It’s Time To Suit Up

What’s in a Dress Code?
A simple guide to dressing properly


Dress codes are confusing. And much to everyone’s annoyance, the people who set dress standards often have zero idea what it means themselves. When they say “black tie,” do they want you to wear a literal black tie or do they just want you to wear a suit? And what can you get away with at a “smart casual” event?

Fortunately for you, My Bridal Centre and Black Jacket Suiting are here to help explain what all these terms mean and we will be providing you with some quick pointers on how to dress appropriately.

Smart Casual – The “Friday’s Riverside” look

There is a pretty good chance your wedding isn’t going to be this lassiez-faire. We included it though, just in case you do want your wedding to be easy-going.
For men, a button-up shirt, a pair of chinos or trousers and maybe a sports jacket if it’s cold. T-Shirt is also acceptable, but please avoid any trashy emblems or logos.
There are no hard and fast rules for what ladies must wear. Just make sure that you put in some finishing touches like some jewellery or some makeup. Flats and heels are both acceptable.


Cocktail – A little dressed upcocktail

Wear a suit and button-up shirt. Sports jackets will work out in a pinch, and so will a nice vest and trouser. A nice pair of dress shoes and matching belt are a must. Ties are optional, but we do recommend a pocket square for a bit of flair.
A dress or skirt will suffice, and hems can sit above the knee. If you’re so inclined, pantsuits are also a good choice. We suggest heels, but flats are always more practical so if you want to wear them go nuts.


Formal / Lounge Suit – Getting fancy

Suit, tie/bow tie, button-up shirt. Anything less and you’re under dressed. Add some accessories to enhance your look and set you apart from the other gents. Side note; if you like going to the Valley, this is guaranteed to get you in anywhere.
A nice dress and heels. Makeup should be worn as well as jewellery like earrings and necklaces.

Wedding Photography

black-tieBlack Tie – You’re Going to the Oscars

For gents, it’s absolutely essential to wear a dinner suit (A.K.A tuxedos) as well as a bowtie (the “black” in “black tie” is actually optional). Cummerbund and waistcoats are optional.
Floor-length formal gowns. It stopped being acceptable to wear flats about two dress codes ago. This is also the last tier where you can do what you want with your hair.




White Tie – The Peak of Perfection

It should be noted that this tier of dress code is very rare in Australia, and is usually reserved for European banking families and Disney princesses. But we included it nonetheless because we know somebody out there is thinking about going this crazy.
White waistcoats, white shirt, white bow ties, and tailcoats. Gloves are recommended to complete the look. None of this is negotiable either, so prepare to cook if you do this in the summer seasons
Floor-length formal gowns and gloves that finish above the elbow. Hair is recommended to be tied in an up-do. Remember what we said about Disney Princesses? This is your chance to be one!

For all your suiting needs, visit Black Jacket Suiting at Shop 17, 77 Oxford Street, Bulimba, 4171, Brisbane or Suite 17, 46 Douglas Street, Milton, 4064, Brisbane.

Everything A Bride Needs in One Evening!

Brisbane Wedding

My Bridal Centre is hosting an amazing Wedding Showcase in the beautiful showroom at 934 Logan Road, Holland Park West on Tuesday 30th August 2016.

With over 30 professional wedding services available, you can plan your entire wedding from start to finish, stress free!

Join us for a glass of bubbly, win great prizes and have all your questions answered in one amazing evening. RSVP to or 07 3172 9343 so you don’t miss out. Don’t forget to bring your bridal entourage.




Classic Wedding Car Hire Brisbane

One of our amazing services we have here at My Bridal Centre is Somerton Limosines.

With elegant Rolls-Royce’s and Bentley vehicles for hire, we can assure you that you will be impressed with your ride into your wedding ceremony and reception.

Beautiful & Classic Wedding Cars

Beautiful & Classic Wedding Cars

A moment you will truly cherish forever, as you step out of your vehicle to start the rest of your life. The car you choose isn’t just a wedding car, it needs to be perfect and Somerton Limosines ensures this experience is right for you.

Offering the finest cars to choose from, professionally trained chauffers and service to the highest order.

Enquire as soon as you can to secure your perfect car and dates. See Somerton Limosines at My Bridal Centre.


Perfect Wedding Styling Brisbane

White Lace & Promises is our expert stylist for all things weddings! With incredible elegance and style, you will love what White Lace & Promises has to offer and choose from to help bring your wedding reception to life.

Styled Shoot

Recent Shoot – Wedding Styling Brisbane

For wedding styling Brisbane and beyond, this amazing provider can help you with invitations, menus, table centrepieces, table numbers and cards, order or service, ceremony decorations, bonbonniere gifts and cake decorations.

With plenty of packages to suit all budgets, you would be crazy not to see what this amazing Brisbane wedding stylist has to offer.

Contact My Bridal Centre team for more info!

Best Wedding Florist In Brisbane!

When it comes to having the perfect flowers for your Brisbane wedding, the team at My Bridal Centre know want to ensure that your blooms are beautiful and high quality to last the day and night.

Bridal Bouquets, table centrepieces, brooches and much more.. Archara Flowers has the answer!

Beautiful Wedding Florist Brisbane

Beautiful Wedding Florist Brisbane

Your flowers should be fresh with colour and the perfect arrangement to suit your theme. This wedding florist in Brisbane has some great ideas from years of experience, and will work with you according to your budget.

Archara offers to beautiful brides much more than the average wedding florist. See their services page, and contact them for your free consultation!