Pre-loved Wedding Dress Trunk Show

Ladies, we have heard your cries – and we come bearing good news…

If you love the concept of pre-loved, second hand, vintage, recycled – then this is the event for you!

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How to save money on your wedding dress purchase





Pre-loved wedding gown trunk show evening event. You will have the opportunity to fit and purchase 2nd hand wedding dresses on the night.


Perhaps you are looking to put your financial focus on your honeymoon, house deposit, or children. Getting married on a budget is something the wedding industry is becoming more accustomed to. As a result, our brides and grooms-to-be are trying to engage with lower cost and overhead spends on their wedding day.

Perhaps the dress of your dreams does not fit your budget – but another beautiful bride-of-the-past is looking to give her dress of the same calibre a second chance to shine?

If this is you, then you have landed on the right page. Hit the button below to be notified of the WHITE ONCE MORE launch date.


My Bridal Centre

934 Logan Road,

Holland Park West,





TBA. Coming soon.


To register your interest in the event, CLICK HERE.


So you are you a bride-of-yesterday? You don’t want to buy another wedding dress, but you are interested in selling yours? CLICK HERE.


Troubleshoot your Wedding Planning

Average 2018 Wedding Cost

Wedding Planner or Self-Planning Bride?

They say that planning a wedding is ranked as 1 of the top 10 stressful life events a person can go through. [Read more…]

Introducing Nadz and Sabs

Designer label Nadz & Sabs officially launches their store at My Bridal Centre NadsNSabs


Nadz & Sabs officially opened their first retail showroom at My Bridal Centre on Tuesday 2 May 2017.

Director Sabrina Rashid announced that the boutique will stock wedding fashion needs for bridesmaids, mother-of-the-bride/groom, flower girls and wedding guests as well as resort styles for honeymoons. [Read more…]

Which New Dress is Your Favourite?

MBF Festival Dresses All 6 Numbered

Choosing the perfect wedding dress is a daunting task for most brides.

Our award-winning designer, Rayner Lee recently launched her Regalia Bridal Designs 2015 Collection at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival in Brisbane. The new collection of sophisticated bridal designs features a variety of hemlines, textured finishes and lace accents.

Which dress is your favourite?

~ Tammy & The Team

Your Wedding Really Does Matter!

Wow, what a fascinating read – researchers in the US have proof of what factors can lead to a successful marriage.  It makes for fascinating reading.

Evidence suggests:

  • Having a large, formal wedding leads to a “higher quality marriage”, and
  • Having more wedding guests leads to a stronger marriage!

~ Tammy

Is this the Biggest Wedding Cake Ever?

It may not take the cake in the Guinness World Record (The records stands at almost 7 tonnes!) for the largest wedding cake ever, but this grande 5 tier wedding cake was huge!

This stunning wedding cake had a 16 inch square base and was recently delivered to Sirromet Winery after leaving our Cake Decorators baking studio recently.

Sally Cake Lady Cake

Front Page News!

The team here at My Bridal Centre are beyond excited to have been featured on the front page of a Brisbane Newspaper!

Bridesmaid High Tea

The article, New service by My Bridal Centre at Rocklea teaches bridesmaids about their duties, is well worth a read.

Especially for all the recently appointed bridesmaids out there – we know it can be daunting!

All you need to do is stick to our top 10 tips on how to be a perfect bridesmaid and have fun with the role!

Read the full article and see our top 10 tips here.

The Bridal Centre at Rocklea is hosting high teas to teach bridesmaids how to be the perf

Awesome Photo Looks Amazing

~ Tammy

Tips for Finding the Perfect Celebrant

Choosing the perfect wedding celebrant can be like running with a blindfold.

You aren’t sure who to go to or what to look for. So we’ve crafted a handy list of tips for how to find the perfect celebrant for you and your partner.

Remember to have fun when finding and dealing with a celebrant as they are the person who is going to acknowledge and celebrate your love for one another and are passionate about making your wedding day magical.

  • Don’t leave it until last. Although you may find dress shopping more exciting you should also be making time to find the perfect marriage celebrant as soon as possible. Good marriage celebrants are often booked out well in advance so be sure to get in contact with your preferred celebrant ahead of time.
  • Meet with potential celebrants to see how you like them in person. As often exchanges over email and phone do not give you enough indication of how the celebrant will present themselves or how they will conduct your wedding ceremony.
  • Try and make time to meet up with as many celebrants as you can for a commitment free chat before choosing the right one for you. Pick the celebrant that you gel with, who can effectively communicate with you and most importantly understands exactly what you want for your wedding day.
  • Ask appropriate questions. Don’t be afraid to ask your potential celebrant the following questions. If they are a good celebrant they will be passionate about their work and be more than happy to share details of their career.
  • Constructive questions include: What do your previous clients say about you? How many weddings have you conducted? How long have you been a marriage celebrant? What qualifications have you acquired? What is your knowledge of the religion or faith? (if applicable) Are you aware of all the legal requirement of marriage?
  • Share stories with your celebrant. Tell your celebrant how you met and why you fell in love with one another so that he/she can get a feel for who you are as a couple so all this an be incorporated into your unique wedding ceremony.
  • Being calm under pressure, friendly, warm, confident, professional and flexible are all critical in a good celebrant and what you should be looking out for. It’s also important that not only are they open to your suggestions, but they are creative and have their own ideas so that you can work together to customise your wedding to suit you.
  • Have a rehearsal. Leading up to your wedding date, meet with your chosen celebrant and say your planned lines with them. It would also help to have a small audience of family and friends. There is no doubt that you will be nervous on your wedding day so it helps to practice what is going to be said so that you feel more at ease.

Also take on board any suggestions your friends and family might have as to how you and your celebrant should preform. Lastly, when rehearsing, make sure the script is sincere and specific (and don’t be afraid to add a little humour).

Of course we would be delighted to help with one of Brisbane’s top rated celebrants in our own wonderful Jemma – she helped me put together this list and wants you to find the right celebrant for you.

Hope that helps.

~ Tammy